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Quote: Originally Posted by Robertek It happens on my pc from time to time too.Our pro AddIn now can fix already embedded You tube video automatically and enable autoplay.

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On Facebook, when someone posts a video (YouTube link for example) on the wall, and when I click it to play.

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I am sure I will be back on this forum page in a matter of a few weeks if the past is any indication.

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Have a brand new computer with windows 7 and it won't play youtube videos or facebook videos but does play videos in...

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I have been working on Powerpoints over the last few months to get ready for a course I have to start teaching in July.Look at most popular reasons and troubleshoots to make YouTube videos load.

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It is crazy how these things change so quickly and issues appear over and over again.

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How do you go about either emailing Microsoft or Adobe directly.If I try to watch a video on youtube by clicking on the link, all I get is a black box where the video would normally play.If the file is located on the Internet, connect to the Internet.I even tried to create a new powerpoint presentation and have the same issue.


The simple change back to version 2 in the embed code worked for me.Thank you to this community for your persistence in solving this issue.

Changing to version 2 worked for me on different computers and browsers.If anyone has been able to resolve this issue, please advise.

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This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.I see videos playing silently when I scroll through News Fee.

I was reviewing all the previously finished presentations that were working at one point and now the Youtube clips no longer show.

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If you think this is something that should be addressed by Adobe, open a bug report at.

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No one seems to know the answer on another fix for the problem.

Once you have clicked that link, all videos you play in Youtube will not play with flash,.You need the Flash Player ActiveX (Internet Explorer), not the embedded player in Google Chrome.Posted about a year ago by Sharon Harvey Was this information helpful.The only drawback is that it will not auto-play.gotta click to play it in the PPT.

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I have followed the normal process to embed video in PowerPoint 2010 (32 bit), and playback worked without issues a couple of months ago.I agree probably something that is not high on their priority list with making sure Youtube works with their products.

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Answer Wiki. 7 Answers. Quora User. If you do have the YouTube app, videos should play fine,.

Since I upgraded to Windows 8 Youtube and other flash videos will not play smoothly.

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I have tried even at work today on multiple different computers and same effect.

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Videos from You tube and a few other sites play in all three, but videos from.

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It is prompting again to download the latest version of Flash, which I tried again.It requires you to have the proper software on your system before its.

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