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I think Bruce supports open networks for political, rather than technical reasons.Unfortunately these actions are against the Terms Of Service for every broadband provider in my area.

I posted up signs all over my building, the building next door, etc explaining my situation, asking folks to temporarily let me connect to their networks.Mail going to my obviously breached mailbox cubby and my IP address.This makes it a risk that if I leave my network open, someone might siphon off my megabytes.My rural relatives are on satellite, and they have serious download limit issues, so they also run a closed network, just to retain control over that.Wait, of course you do. Hmmm. so does my good friend ettercap.I get no end of flak from amused friends and family, but there you have it.And I can tell you now his advice was incorrect, and so is your assumption.But it is a worry about theft from burglars, fire that happens and the fact I have a legal duty of care about some of the work and data upon it.Of course, if the need arises, someone may ask me to make a call from my phone.

Presumably there will be a lot of back and forth in the comments section here as well.On the other hand, WPA2 and other Wi-Fi security schemes protect only against an attacker on your local network, and provide only nominal protection.And we are working to debunk myths (and confront truths) about open wireless while creating technologies and legal precedent to ensure it is safe, private, and legal to open your network.They are unlikely to have your level of skill and knowledge, and are therefore unlikely to secure their communication.Before you connect, find out the risks and how to protect your information.

I suppose for people paranoid about their security can use powerline ethernet as a private LAN.The real culprit is somewhat undetectable especially if they use further measures such as proxying, after connecting via your wireless, or using tor e.t.c. It also goes without saying that using a macchanging tool, to change mac addresses is a fairly simple operation.

I left my back door unlocked one night, and in the morning my laptops had gone along with several other things.Failing to authenticate could just connect you through a simple filter on destination IP number.

I can inject a worm or buffer overflow into your network traffic that can compromise the computers on your network.If you live in an area with few people who want to use your network, it may make sense to leave it open.If I enabled wireless security on my network and someone hacked it, I would have a far harder time proving my innocence.Primitive shoulder-surfing security, but we much prefer that.

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More efficient use of the radio spectrum is an important reason why public policy should favor protecting and encouraging open wireless.

I have a small data center located in the basement of my home.Our technologists are building routers that let you open your wireless without losing the quality of your Internet access or compromising your security.

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Further the kids have a computer on the network that is already loaded with trojans and viruses.People need to focus on crime that matters and not laws that prevents.

A wireless network security key is the password required to be able to connect your PC to a secured access point (ex: router) on a wireless network.Any operating system which is closed source is untrustworthy by design.

I can see 25-30 access points depending on where I am in the apartment.It can be TRIVIAL to do many bad things to your computer and network if you leave your wireless access point open.Yet millions of travelers every year experience intermittent or unreliable service for long stretches of time while roaming the globe, creating a huge and consistent headache for people and hurting our economy.It benefits them because it means their employees can access the Internet and then VPN into their offices from anywhere in that area of the CBD.If someone would use my wireless to download or upload anything it would hurt the latency of my connection.

However, I secure my wifi and I also set others except in remote rural areas due to security and bandwidth issues.Adding wireless security will not make his environment secure, but it definitely is one more roadblock to being completely raped and pillaged by the less scrupulous neighbors who would otherwise discover they can download his quicken files and banking passwords.Do you want to buy those shoes you are looking at online while sipping coffee and enjoying free Wi-Fi at the local.

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Most likely, you are well within your contractual rights to run an open wireless access point.It would be a logistical pain in the ass, but the only way it would lead to an actual legal problem would be if my local district attorney was seriously abusing their authority.

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While none thought you could be successfully prosecuted just because someone else used your network to commit a crime, any investigation could be time-consuming and expensive.As aforementioned by some other dudes, once you have a connection to the wireless lan network you can easily monitor network traffic traversing it with a deep-packet inspection tool such as wireshark.By this I mean that our Wi-Fi software should allow users to access an open version of the Wi-Fi connection while the owner uses a private version of the connection.Do feel free to terrify us though: find one (1) instance in the real world that is comparable to the scenario you lay out.

The notion that configuring a WiFi AP to be secure is too inconvenient for a bunch of computer security people is laughable to me.Your job is simple: produce some sources that document the claims made.