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Find out how you can set up the OpenVPN protocol on your Raspberry Pi device - recommended for the most security-conscious.Another way to see what passess by is to use tcpdump and wireshark on the Pi.

Sadly I need root on my phone to use it too but at work or anywhere else, I just have to open the SSH connection and I have a standalone Firefox build on a flash drive that automatically uses the port I set up or I can configure the browser on any computer quickly to do the same thing.This is easy to setup, but it rewrites the remote IP part of the header, so your HTTPD logs will be full of traffic from your VPN server instead of remote IPs.It is probably using NAT to share the mobile public ip I guess.You can find your network and netmask address using the ifconfig utility.What it does it listen on port 443, and for non-VPN connections it forwards them to the address you specify.To rule this one out: Would it be possible to test it at some place with pubic wifi or so.

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Of course to do this I used an off the shelf MIPS router running OpenWRT and found the hardware woefully inadequate, so next time my Raspberry Pi 2 running OpenWRT will get the nod.Plan B is to install this DNS server on the Pi, and push that ip.

This let me use the TiVo in home streaming option on my devices despite being several hundred miles from home.Open the Welcome Email you received when you signed up for ExpressVPN.This way you can do everything you want and later inspect the logfiles for violations.

Enter the Raspberry Pi. How to Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Always-On BitTorrent Box. Just choose a VPN that offers a Linux client.Hi Sam, I think you might need to allow the Pi to forward packets (make it work like a router).

The lines have now all been generated above the drop commands.

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And even when using remote DNS without forcing gateway it seemed like they must have been going over VPN anyway because its very similar behavior.I can ping when not on VPN but cannot ping when VPN is not connected.

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For example, I was at my in laws a few weeks ago, and I used OpenVPN to build a tunnel (tap, actually) so that when I connected to a specific wifi hotspot, it was as if I was on my local LAN at home.Does the macbook, while connected to VPN server, has a route to the 192.168.0.x network (check netstat -nr).I ran the following commands to open up port 53 (for both tcp and udp).I have set up my Raspberry Pi as a remote torrent client and installed everything i.There are also ways to set up a TCP multiplexer for port sharing.

I can certainly sympathise with this being difficult to debug from where you are.Many Americans traveling and living in Europe have VPN connections back to places in the United States so they can watch the US version of Netflix.

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You lose a little bit of battery life and speed, but to me it is worth it.Like copying a file from your home computer over to your laptop while on the road.I set up the openvpn on backtrack5 running on virtual machine.

So, when you connect to the OpenVPN client knows this is behind the pi, and routes it to the pi.The first is to install OpenVPN within Raspbian (or your chosen Raspberry Pi OS).Home About me Cloud Orchestration Linux sysadmin Mac OSX Other posts Github.

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VPNs also allow you to act as though you are on your home network even if you are away from home.A lot of people seem interested in safe browsing over untrusted wifi and using a Raspberry Pi with an OpenVPN server to accomplish that.Why do you want all internet traffic to go through the VPN as well.One is the port sharing directive in the OpenVPN server config.

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That should be fixed first, because everything else (including Internet access and DNS resolving on the OpenVPN clients) depends on it.You might also be able to add this to your router, so packets that are sent to the default gateway make it to the pi.