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There are millions and millions of short films on Youtube and Vimeo, and most of them are just mediocre.I thought Steven Wright was so funny as a kid, but yoo can only hear it do many times. Very dated.

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Most comedians got their start in standup, including Adam Sandler and most everyone else on SNL.We rarely get the chance to sit down and watch a full movie on YouTube for free.The best thing about old comedy movies is that they are absolutely free to watch and download legally.Plenty of independent studios or students with borrowed cameras throw their short films up on the Internet.

Top 50 Best Christian Movies Of All Time Jane the Virgin Season 3 Release Date, Wiki and Plot.You always struck me as a Rodney Dangerfield kinda guy, Mark:).American comedians are starting to slowly appear more and more on British TV now but when I was growing up, you barely saw them on British TV and you only saw home-grown talent.

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I suggest you check out Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard and Ross Noble.

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This is an old video of him, but the content is still hilarious.In this video, he talks about those little things that we all have in common.

Bill Murray - these are only a handful of the masters of modern comedy films.Here at MUO, we even have an entire section of our website devoted to Geeky Fun.You can watch some great movies free on youtube or on the Sound and Vision blog right here, Enjoy some of the best cinema France has to offer and laugh away at these.Tomatometer rankings of the top 100 best movies of 2016 and all time.

Out of all the most popular content on YouTube, it is the funniest stuff that usually goes viral.A list of over 100 of the best comedy-drama movies ever made, many of which are currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Comedy genre could be traced back to silent era (in the 1920s).This list includes some of the best comedians of all-time, as well as some you may have never heard of.Comedy has a huge range, ranging from Slapstick comedy, comedy of manners, comedy of errors to situational comedy, parody and satirical comedy to black comedy.

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Steven Wright - ocasionally good lines, depresing presentation (not funny).People were big fan of Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy style of comedy movies.

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He has a show on Comedy Central you should look into, as well as his comedy specials.So without further ado, here are the top 10 stand-up comedy videos on YouTube.

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Either be it Action comedy or Romantic Comedy or even Horror comedy.

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