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The devices which have been previously mentioned can be used to play music, or to view pictures and videos.It comes with the Xbox Live Arcade games Frogger, Time Pilot, and Astropop.

Small, portable, flash-based memory devices allow the transfer of saved games, unique gamer profiles, and content downloaded from Xbox Live Marketplace to other Xbox 360 consoles.This makes a switch necessary to turn off the fan, allowing it to continue cooling after the console has been turned off unlike the Cooler King or the current Intercooler.Does anyone know a good tutorial on internet connection sharing to your xbox 360 using an ethernet cable from windows 7.

Companies which manufacture such cases include Talismoon, Lian Li, XCM and XSPC.HOW TO CONNECT YOUR ANDROID PHONES INTERNET TO AN XBOX 360 or PS3.The headset fits over either ear and comes with two sizes of removable ear grips for a better fit.Ok, so with Windows Media Center I have my Computer hooked up via wireless and and the SBOX 360 connected directly to my ethernet port via a crossover.I have run the Ethernet cable straight from my Xbox into the Ethernet port in the back of the pc.Connect Your Xbox 360 To A Wireless Connection Without Wireless Network Adapter.Various official AV cables are available for the Xbox 360, which allow it to connect to a broad range of audio and video equipment.Follow these instructions to set up the Xbox for wireless home networking.Replaces the previous Tony Hawk Ride Board, also by ActiVision. (Ride board is not forward compatible with Shred game).

A wireless skating board for Tony Hawk: Shred (and Ride) games.

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There has been no official word when, if ever, a driver will be released.

All remotes can assist in the playing of DVD movies and music (although the console can play such media without the remote), while the Universal Media Remote offers more function by having the ability to serve as a control for a number of TVs or Windows Media Center -based PC.

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The wired controllers may be connected to any of the USB ports on the console (the number of ports depends on model: old-style 360s have two at the front and one on the rear, while Xbox 360 S units have two at the front and three at the rear), or to a USB hub.

Optional detachable SATA hard drives are used for the storage of games, music, downloaded trailers, levels, demos, player preferences, and community-created content from Xbox Live Marketplace.Xbox 360 Chatpad from the Messenger Kit attached to a wireless controller.It is not to be confused with the advanced SCART cable, which uses the superior RGB standard.Experience the new generation of games and entertainment with Xbox.

Comes bundled with all current Xbox 360 models, as well as the now discontinued Core, Arcade and Elite (after September 2009) models.Custom cases are not limited to the consoles themselves as several companies also manufacture custom Xbox 360 controller shells and hard drive shells to match their console counterparts.A pass through power connection utilizes the existing Xbox 360 power supply negating the need for an extra AC adapter.

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Biggest news on the connectivity front is 802.11n WiFi built-in.

Produced by Hori, it was only made available for purchase in a special-limited edition package of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.Connected wirelessly to it with the Airport Express Plugged in ethernet cable to the express ethernet jack and then to xbox 360.Red Octane has a range of official alternative faceplates for various Guitar Hero controllers and various third-party companies such as Madcatz make unofficial faceplates for the standard Xbox 360 controller.The Play and Charge Kit contains a rechargeable battery pack and a USB charging cable.

Setting up a static IP on your Xbox 360 will aide in getting an Open NAT, and forwarding ports.The default faceplate (black or white) can be replaced with a range of custom designs, each sold separately.Note that only the faceplate on the Xbox 360 can be easily replaced and not the other parts of the casing.Third party rechargeable battery pack kits are also available.

This cooler also has VGA support allowing the Xbox 360 to be connected to some monitors and TVs using a VGA cable.The Xbox 360 Wireless Microphone is a microphone peripheral designed for use with Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Lips games.At E3 2008, Nyko announced a new revised sleeker model of the Intercooler named the Intercooler TS.Get help setting up your wired or wireless connection, and find out about solutions you can try if you encounter.Instead of clipping on to the back like the Cooler King or Intercooler, the fan is situated in a base extension that the console can sit on only in the upright position.The Nyko Intercooler 360 is designed to reduce the internal operating temperature of the 360 and as a result, to prolong lifespan of the console.It may also be used to transfer such content between Xbox 360 units.Many unofficial custom cases can be purchased from independent manufacturers and are available in a wide range of colors and styles.This has been since fixed via software updates and all functions now operate normally.