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How to back up your Instagram photos and delete your account.Featured Video How to Make Your iPhone Light Up Like a Macbook.

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I am trying to back up photos on my pc to iCloud.i bought some extra storage.the photos do not back up to iCloud.i did add the the pictuters to photo stream still.We all love to take pictures and videos with our phones, but as the quality goes up, so do the file sizes, and storage space is becoming more and more of an issue.Another thing to note about Google Plus is that the images will all be backed up for free BUT only at 2048px resolution.How to Back Up Your Instagram Images Before Deleting Your Account. wiki How to Back Up Your Instagram Images Before Deleting Your Account. Delete Instagram.The social network began notifying users that it would soon delete all their synced photos if they did not install the app, which was released in June 2015.

I want to know how to back these up and safely delete them from my iPhone.

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Simply search for any of the names above in the App Store and Install them.Tap the trash can in the bottom right corner to delete them all.Social network attempts to convince users to install its new photo-sharing app by threatening to remove all photos synced from the Facebook app.I want to free up iCloud storage by deleting photos that are backed up elsewhere.Do take note that if you want your photos to be backed up properly,.

How To Backup iPhone Photos. (or cut if you want to remove the photos from your iPhone).

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Tap all of the photos you want to delete (this may take a while depending on how many you have).

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Please can you advise me? Thank you.It turns out that all of them had so many photos on their iPhones that their storage space was completely full (iCloud was even bitching about how it could do any more backups because it had run out of space as well).Follow the onscreen prompts to import the photos from Mac or Windows using the appropriate program you just opened.

Facebook will delete all user-synced photos unless they install the Moments app by 7 July.Since sycing those pics from the pc to the ipad, I cleared up my pc and backed up the photos onto discs.Open the folder that is named after the computer that was backed up.How to delete your old Apple iCloud backups and free up space. that includes iCloud Photo Library,.

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Google Photos is still trying to find the best ways to reconcile between your locally stored photos and your cloud photos in the most seamless and least intrusive way.Now that we have all of the photos backed up somewhere (everywhere), we can safely delete them from the device to get some of that precious storage back.

I managed to get them all updated and in the process I thought maybe this procedure could benefit some others out there (this cannot be an isolated incident).By turning off photo syncing from the main Facebook app, and now threatening to delete synced photos, it has forced Moments up into the top 100 free Android and iOS apps in the UK, and made it the third most popular free app on iOS and second most popular on Google Play in the US, as well as topping the charts for photo and video apps.

I prefer to back them up in multiple ways just in case, but you can feel free to pick one, two or all of these methods if you choose.In January Facebook discontinued support for automatic syncing of photos from the main Facebook app, forcing users to install the Moments app should they wish to continue automatically uploading their photos.Before you delete photos and videos Know where photos do and.

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This means that if you ever start running out of storage again, just check to make sure the photos are backed up in the app you used and then do Section II again to get rid of them from the phone again (maybe even use the other backup options in Section I just to be safe).

Once they are backed up, delete them from your phone and from iTunes by.

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Upload all of your photos to the cloud storage using their app.I cannot delete backed up photos on my lg lucid how can I do it.

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The biggest concern for these people was the fear of losing all of these memories during this process so, first and foremost, we have to back them up.How to Remove Photos from iPad. Delete Photos from iPad Camera Roll or Photo.When prompted if you would like to backup all the photos in your Camera Roll right now, say Yes.Crazily, the site now has over 500k people on it sharing their love of tech every month.

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Earlier this year, they were moved to Moments, a new app from Facebook.

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I want to delete this album or some of the photos in this album and it will not allow me to do so.

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How to Backup Your Photos and Free Up Storage Space on Your.By removing chat from the main Facebook app and forcing users to install the dedicated Messenger app to keep sending Facebook instant messages on smartphones it propelled the app to more than 900 million users.In doing so it created another massive platform, leveraging its existing user base to drive adoption and attract new users that may not necessarily have had Facebook accounts before.

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Yes, it is a social network (one that probably none of your friends are on unless they are in the tech industry somehow), but the auto backup feature uploads them to Google Plus to a folder that is private that no one can see (unless you subsequently go in and click Share next to a specific photo or group of photos).Facebook will delete all the photos users have synced from the main Facebook app if they do not install its dedicated photo-sharing app Moments before 7 July.