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You can now update Android to Apple iOS operating system using our.Play Store iPhone How to transfer contacts from android to ios Google Play Store.How to Update an Android. This wikiHow teaches you how to manually update an Android phone or tablet operating system.Apps in the Google Play store enable Android phones to run iOS-mimicking features without much tinkering.

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One of the most popular themes that mimics Apple iOS is iPhone Go Launcher EX Locker.

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Different animations can be set for scrolling through apps and home screen pages by selecting the menu button on your phone and then preferences.To see whether your smartphone is compatible with any of this software, visit the Google Play store.Apple iOS 5.1, the operating system of. made available by the Android operating system.

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There are several themes out there, so just keep looking until you find one that will work well with your phone.Also please note that this method will only change the look and feel of the Android OS. Below is full guides on how to change Android to iOS.

How to Abandon Android and Switch to iOS

By modifying each section of your phone, you can make it appear to be a one-of-a-kind Apple device.There are several other apps you can find in the Google Play store that will help you create an iPhone-like experience on your Android phone.

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You can also try IPhone Lockscreen - Magic Locker, which is free.

Remember though to use our Market Place you must have 100 good posts and 3 months as a member. ezio001 likes this. 03-30-11 10:44 AM Like 1 4,502 hootyhoo You could always set your wallpaper to a picture of the little green droid and pretend you had a better phone.Doubts Regarding The Apple ios And Android Os. This Guide Will Only Change Looks Of Your Android Phone And Not.There used to be an active effort to port the Android OS to iPhone hardware, and even some working demos,.

There are several on the market, and many more are sure to roll out over the next few months.Migrating From iOS To Android: 10 Most-Asked Questions. Migrating From Android to iOS:. of apps that can fit in a row or column and the ability change all the.EDIT: I was able to trade my Storm2 for a Droid1 at the CB Market Place, last year, when I wanted to give Android a go.

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One of the most popular launchers in Google Play market is Go Launcher EX.

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This guide provides an overview of the best Android Custom ROMs,.Download the Move to iOS app to get help switching from your Android device to your new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. iOS device and your Android.Blackberries use blackberry OS. as many people said, a theme is your best bet. there are tons of them in the themes section.