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The computer is connected directly to a cable modem with no hardware or software firewall in place.You can close this port with a utility from GRC called DCOMbobulator found here.Oldsod has trumped any response I would have given to you re your question.A while back, I worked on a project that required persisting data to multiple databases.Network Ports Used by Key Microsoft Server Products On This Page.

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Currently inbound scans are likely the Nachi or MSBlast worms.Thank you, I have use PortqryUI to check port 135 at Target machine the result is FILTERED.But the closed ports will not properly respond back and the three way handshake never gets finialized to establish a connection.A windows PC can secured from the internet inbound connections without a firewall - neither software or hardware.

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The following images are showing the port scan performed on a computer with no firewall of any kind.

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Instead a worm which exploits a vulnerability on port 135 will scan for open ports 135.

If you have all your required updates or SP2, then you are safe from this specific worm.Port scans will use the Destination Unreachable (type 3) is usually allowed out.Service names and port numbers are used to distinguish between different services that run over transport...You will notice that if you perform that query on the local computer, you will find many more endpoints than if you perform the query from a remote computer.

The NAT in the modem will have to be adjusted to have the port 135 closed or if a router is being used, then open the router and close the port.This TechNet article is fantastic, I recommend you bookmark it.

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Hi All, We are having our servers hardened and we failed on a penetration test because port 135 is open on our 2008 R2. they said i should close those ports.

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But this will infection will happen only if the application actually lets the rogue packets in and not from the established connection attempts itself.

Basic MSRPC uses ports 135, and the high-numbered dynamic range.Ports 137, 138 and 139 are for NetBIOS, and are not required for the functionality of MSRPC.

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Or simply put, in a simplied example, the adobe updater cannot use any java packets (or any other packets not designed for it) and so any java packets would be immediately dropped, even after the connection is established.Example - adobe updater is allowed an open port, then any incoming packets trying for the open port which are not designated for the adobe will be dropped.Browse other questions tagged windows netbios rpc or ask your own question.

The port scanner or inbound connection attempts can never determine if the port actually existin the first place or if the port status is either closed or opened.

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Enter port number or service name and get all info about current udp tcp port or ports.

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