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Anonymous is a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities.This is a recording of a hacking scam where the hacker calls you.

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The hackers, who are based in India, have been on the cybersec radar since 2013.Gang of hackers behind nude celebrity photo leak routinely attacked iCloud.

Once the scan is complete, Katyusha Scanner sends a text message to the criminals with the vulnerable site name, its Alexa web ratings, helping criminals identify popular websites that would likely be more profitable for them to attack, and the number of databases.In less than 72 hours this data will be sent to every person on your telephone and email contacts list.Send directly to qualifying bank accounts in India including NRE and NRO accounts 1.Information volunteered by these cyber Samaritans is often treated with indifference or suspicion, hackers and tech industry observers told AFP.

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I highly recommend the software, and it has found eight SQL vulnerabilities in half a day, great automation of the routine.According to a mail exchanged between Karpov and Kim, Samsung is already using the SVACE technology (Security Vulnerabilities and Critical Errors Detector) to detect potential vulnerabilities and errors in source code of applications created for Tizen.The last known version of the TideCheck app, i.e. HighRise v2.0, was developed in 2013 and works on mobile devices running Android 4.0 to 4.3, though I believe, by now, they have already developed an updated versions that work for the latest Android OS.A new powerful hacking tool recently introduced in an underground forum is making rounds these days, allowing anyone to rapidly conduct website scans for SQL injection flaws on a massive scale — all controlled from a smartphone using the Telegram messaging application.

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More than a year after the FTC heralded a major crackdown on fraudsters posing as Microsoft technical support personnel, consumers continue to receive calls from.Work smarter by saving time using most of the technology with Lifehacker India tips on productivity, downloads, website recommendations and do it yourself articles.

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Adwind — also known as AlienSpy, Frutas, jFrutas, Unrecom, Sockrat, JSocket, and jRat — has been in development since 2013 and is capable of infecting all the major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Send Rakhi to India from USA, UK, Canada, Australia starting Rs. 215 with FREE ALL-INDIA SHIPPING.After WannaCry and Petya ransomware outbreaks, a scary (but rather creative) new strain of ransomware is spreading via bogus apps on the Google Play Store, this time targeting Android mobile users.Tizen operating system already runs on nearly 30 million Smart TVs, Galaxy Gear-branded watches Smart TVs, cameras, home appliances and some of its smartphones sold in countries like Russia, India and Bangladesh.

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Researchers from Trend Micro recently noticed a sudden rise in the number of Adwind infections during June 2017 — at least 117,649 instances in the wild, which is 107 percent more than the previous month.The researchers discovered and privately reported LDAP and RDP Relay vulnerabilities in NTLM to Microsoft in April.

Send Message — allows CIA operative to manually (optional) submit short messages (remarks) to the listening post server.According to the researcher, it is unknown that why Verizon has allowed a 3rd party company to collect call details of its users, however, it appears that NICE Systems monitors the efficiency of its call-center operators for Verizon.