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These types of organizations typically ask for your social security number to verify your identity.Below are some tips that will help you to secure your Social Security Number:. agent will just ask you the last four digits.Indicate your citizenship status: U.S. Citizen, Legal Alien Allowed to Work, Legal Alien Not Allowed to Work, or Other.Regardless of your reason for needing a new number, you must provide a written statement and current, credible, third party evidence documenting the reasons for needing a new number.The Credit.com editorial team is committed to providing our readers and viewers with sound, well-reported and understandable information designed to inform and empower.Before you make a decision, find out what the potential consequences are and weigh them in your mind to determine if they are serious enough to warrant writing your number down.In other instances, you might be allowed to withhold your social security number but may be required to pay a higher fee as a result.In that sense, we are no different from any other news organization that is supported by ad revenue.

However, you must provide the certificate to the Social Security Administration when you receive it.You are allowed to change your name on your social security record, if you choose to change your name, but unless there is a domestic abuse issue (see number 3) the number will stay the same.However, the SSN serves as a form of recognized identification on all kinds of official paperwork.Also indicate if there was a different date of birth erroneously specified on an earlier application.Dear Praetorian XI Thanks for immediate reply Yes the Receipt number refers to I485.

This compensation may influence the selection, appearance, and order of appearance of the offers listed on the website.You need to show that this problem has continued despite your best efforts.Do you want to Verify Social Security Number for that tenant that just applied.

Anthem Data Breached so now we should stop using SSN as a Password.The article talks about opening up a line of credit and getting loans, but all of that requires you to verify things like date of birth and especially drivers license number.Because the identification documents required must be originals, going in person also prevents any possible loss of the documents.

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Include the present date, your daytime telephone number, and your mailing address.In addition, you must fill out the form SS-5--the application for a Social Security card.Just notify them of any name change to keep your record accurate.General ITIN Information. and are not eligible to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) from the Social.Thanks for checking out Credit.com. We hope you find the site and the journalism we produce useful.This includes any pictures you have of both your and the other social security card, or the name of the person who has the same number as you.Rather than rely on revenue from display ad impressions, Credit.com maintains a financial marketplace separate from its editorial pages.Thieves can operate under your identity for years without discovery, and some of these crimes are very difficult to detect. (One of the best things you can do is regularly check your credit reports (you can also get your free credit report summary from Credit.com, updated every month), reviewing them thoroughly for unauthorized accounts or public records not related to you.

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If a company requests your social security number, you do have the right to deny them that information.Keep reading to learn the answer to those questions and more.

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We have more than 100 partners, including MSN, ABC News, CBS News, Yahoo, Marketwatch, Scripps, Money Magazine and many others.A new identity may also include a name change, new address, new unlisted phone number, and new job.

Cards for Children. When do I get my child a Social Security number.If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know.

Visitors to Credit.com are also able to register for a free Credit.com account, which gives them access to a tool called The Credit Report Card.If you notice that credit cards have been opened in your name, someone probably has your social security number.Despite all of this, however, even if you never apply for any product, the Credit Report Card will remain free, and none of this will impact how the editorial team reports on credit and credit scores.Your identity theft report will be very important. so that no one can apply for credit with your name or social security number.Christine DiGangi is the former Deputy Managing Editor - Engagement for Credit.com and covered a variety of personal finance topics.