Have network connection but no internet

It shows a solid network connection on both the Wireless and Ethernet but it will not access the Internet at all.I forgot to edit the post -.- I already tried the OpenDNS and the Google DNS and none of them is working.I dont have a router as such,. ipad is connected but no internet.I have windows 7, told by the mirosoft 10 pre order checking system that it is compatable.

We use Firefox, but I have also tried Internet Explorer and that also does not work.Shared the physical wireless network connection with the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter.I know I am connected because network manager tell me that is connected to wifi.My android connected to wifi but no internet access. My android connected to wifi but.Hi, My family is currently having a problem with one of our computers connecting to the internet.

Win 8 HP Laptop Connects to WiFi but Not to the Internet

Do I have to get some literature and learn or can you help me.

Does your Android smartphone connect to your Wi-Fi network but for some reason it cannot browse or use the internet.Modem is showing connected but no internet. or on the WWE Network, channel.Click on the wireless connection icon in left lower corner or open the network.

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I am using same network for 2 days and everything was normal.You could try to ping this ip from the router to confirm your have connectivity, unfortunately some routers do not have the option to ping. is a public DNS server.

Have Network Connection, but no Internet - Network

Have installed on rMBP mid 2014 installation was smooth and pretty stable for a beta.The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

I have WiFi connection on my Kindle Fire but no internet connection. and welcome to JustAnswer,.So I searched for Malwarebytes and did a quick scan, deleted some files and I am able to connect again.

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Hi, As said, I am connected to my Wireless Network but have no Internet access.

Why am I displayed as connected with no internet access

My computer works perfectly fine and loads webpages without a problem.

WiFi Connected but No Internet - I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the network signal strength booster and it sees mine. connected to the internet and everthing is.

I will try to install skype tomorrow and will try if it can load it up The problem is on the windows xp I have mini notebook that is connected wireless and everything works fine. 2 computers are connected with cables and the last one is connected with usb stick. so, wireless again Can you please help me.

Windows 8 wireless is ok but no internet connection

Fix connection problems. If your Chromebook is connected properly,.

[SOLVED] Ethernet Adapter no "Internet" access but WiFi