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Eugene Kaspersky, founder and CEO of Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab, has hit out against Apple for not allowing his company to develop security.One of the most frequent questions we are asked at Comparitech is does a Mac need antivirus protection.Find out whether you need to run virus protection on your cellphone or tablet.As you can see, deciding whether you need iPhone virus protection depends on what you do with your phone.When you run this miracle worker the contents of your computer are, instead, beamed to an underground data center in Kamchatka.

The greatest risk in this scenario is the person operating the computer.

The number of malicious programs for computers increases daily.

Question: What anti-virus and anti-malware program do I need?

Do You Use Antivirus Protection on Your Phone or Tablet?

To thwart phishing schemes all you need do is avoid taking the bait.If so, is your recommended software for computers also good for.

Do You Need Antivirus Protection for Your Microsoft Surface?

This handy utility will alert you when an application attempts to send information out from your Mac.

Why you don't need an antivirus on your Android phone

Despite constant claims that the Mac is immune to computer cooties, some folks remain unconvinced.In this case you would be a fool to skirt antivirus software in the Windows environment.Provide the information they seek and woe is you in the form of a drained bank account or massive credit card bill.

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Do I need an antivirus utility for my Samsung Galaxy phone

Learn about the different methods to help protect your PC from viruses and malicious software,. in some cases you might need to remove a virus manually.

McAfee Security Scan is a free virus scan service. McAfee Security Scan Plus. we may need to modify the Agreement to reflect changes in the law or to the.Do I need to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus or Kaspersky Internet Security on a computer with Kaspersky PURE installed.Virus This is a program that earns its name by its ability to replicate itself, locally and often across a network.

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Do I need anti-virus protection for my phone or tablet?

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Do I need anti-virus for OS X?

The built-in Windows Defender should be good enough to protect you.The hedge for those of us in the recommendation business is that while there may not be viable virus threats now, there could be one day.

Antivirus protection for Microsoft Surface. Is it needed?

There are not so many viruses designed specifically for Macs so far, but you still need to protect.I am using Avast Antivirus protection on my Window laptop, and once in a while it told me that I could use this protection on my phone.

Here are the compatible Antivirus products you need. Antivirus and security. essential functions work the same way on Windows 10 as they do on Windows.I have no idea whether this will also protect my VM setup or if I need separate firewall and virus.Phishing Like Trojans, phishing schemes—those schemes that trick you into revealing personal and financial data—exploit the weakness of the person sitting at the computer rather than the computer itself.These days, most people are aware enough about the dangers on the Internet to know that there are viruses and antivirus software.

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