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The option to access the accounts you have the ability to manage is available in the drop-down menu when an account name is clicked.However, you can cancel the ads account to ensure no charges occur on your account.Always make sure the URL is before entering your account information (email or password).To learn about why your account is marked as ineligible, as well as next steps to have your account reviewed please visit our.

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Arts How to Videos Dance How to Videos Home How to Videos Style How to Videos Education.Next, choose whether you would like to allow this user to create limited delivery Tweets for use in campaigns.

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Deactivation is not available on mobile devices and must be done by.If you feel you have a trademark claim against the handle in question, please file a ticket to our trademark team by clicking here.

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Account Killer. Use the link below to deactivate your account.Depending on your objectives and audience, select the advertising products that will work best for your business.BROWSE BY CONTENT TYPE. Books. Audiobooks.

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Website click campaigns are optimized to drive traffic and generate conversions on your website from tweets targeted to specific audiences of users.

When the Card is tweeted, it will be appended with an engaging image and additional information about your website.

If you want to add another Twitter account, or use multiple Twitter accounts on your.Here are nine steps to remove you from that 140 character limit.You cannot deactivate your Twitter account, you can only delete it.

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With mobile app promotion, advertisers can drive users to download or open mobile apps directly from within a Tweet.Each user will log in with his or her own username and and will be able to access the advertising accounts to which he or she has access.

Make sure to include the name of your business, location and website URL.Recreation How to Videos Relationships How to Videos Sports How to Videos Games How to Videos.

How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently. you will find out how to delete your Twitter account,.How to Delete My Twitter Account From My Mobile Phone. March 31.

Learn how to delete your Twitter account if you no longer wish to use the. password in order to confirm that you wish to deactivate your Twitter account.As a result, this user can grant varying degrees of access to other Twitter users.We currently do not have a process for releasing registered usernames to advertisers using the self service Twitter Ads product or to the public unless you are working with a dedicated Twitter account representative.Visit our Start Advertising page to sign up for a Twitter Ads account.

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Click on the gear icon on the right side of the toolbar to bring up the dropdown menu and click on Twitter Ads.There might be a small amount of spend that occurs after the campaign has been paused.Learn about what effect closing a Microsoft account might have on your other apps and services.

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When you delete your account, your profile, photos, videos,.Follower campaigns are the best way to grow your audience on Twitter.